Djalyingadri – Clare Bay Whale Tail

The Djalyingadri, whale tail, at Care Bay is an imprint where Jeedara, the ancestral white whale, the Dreamtime Creation traveller left his mark in the land and the sea. This is where he hid into the rocks, hiding from the Yargaryilya, the Seven Sisters. This is where he began his courtship journey with the Seven Sisters. Next to the tail is the small rock island, which is the home of the sea eagle. We call this bird in our Mirning language yaum and also walda mininya. They are the great diving birds who are guardians and protectors of this Whale Dreaming sacred place.

Just inland from the shore and all along our coast are what we call the whale’s barnacles. These are the youl-bari, the earth-rise coastal sandhills that rise up like the barnacles on the Gaduma, Southern Right Whales. We have names and responsibilities for all the whales, though also a totemic connection with Gaduma.