Southern Whale Peoples

About Us

The Southern Whale Peoples in this project include Custodians from the Yerkala-Mirning, Ramindjeri, Tanganekald, Meintangk, Bunganditj and Yuin Peoples, as well as working collaboratively with other Whale Peoples to support the Whale Dreaming songlines.

Our communities are led by the traditions of our ancestors and we follow our saltwater laws and customs. Following protocols, we come together as those with the bloodlines for the families born of the Creator whales and those with authority to speak for the whale stories and connected Sea Countries.

Our Stories

Our Creation stories are gathered from our respective families and are based on the ancient songlines and migrations that we continue to honour. After colonisation and whaling, the whales are settling once again in places that they have not rested in for generations. The whales are our family and they return each year to acknowledge their ancestral home. Our connected songlines cover sacred places of protection and healing for the whales and for us. There are sacred formations in our coasts, in our submerged landscapes and in our seas, left from Creation that still play their part; as do we in protecting them.

We acknowledge the significance of our Whale Songmen and the role that Max Dulumunmun Harrison (deceased) had in contining these stories, along with the ongoing work of Marbanu, Uncle Bunna Lawrie. We thank them for blessing these activities.