Having a whale of a time when we dream together

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About Us

Billiaum means Deep Sea Country Home in Yerkala Mirning language from the Great Australian Bight and coastal Nullarbor. For many Whale Peoples, our ancestral connection with land and sea includes submerged Country. Caring for Country is not only in our blood and upbringing, this is also a duty and responsibility. The Elders bring ancient wisdom and knowledge to todays’ challenges and in caring for the whale and land and sea. This is critical for our pristine wilderness Country that is so rare and unique.

Jeedara’s Creation of Mirning Country
by Marbanu Bunna Lawrie

Our Stories & S.E.A. Whale Peoples

Please enjoy visiting the Yerkala Mirning Country in South Australia through these stories and please respect that many of what is written here is our ancestral legacy. We share this with you and trust that you will respect the sacredness of the stories for us and our ancestors.

This website also contains the stories of the Southern Whale Peoples; the families born of the Creator whales. 

We acknowledge and thank the team at Australian Marine Parks, who supported the project Whale Dreaming in Marine Parks off Southern Australia. This Our Marine Parks Grants project received grant funding from the Australian Government.

The respect shown in supporting a greater understanding and protection of our Whale Dreaming songlines and ‘cultural values’ in Australian Marine Parks has enabled a collaboration between government and custodians.


Please join us in caring for Sea Country and the Whales.