Moodyera and Kaldyera – Wilson’s Bluff

Moody in our Mirning language is a general word for fish. Yera is the place of our dwelling, so Moodyera is our fishing place and also our wonwoum, home and belonging. As Mirning, we share our hunt and catch with other Mirning family and clans. In the waters here are our ancestral boondin wari, fish traps, set out in sacred shapes connected with the Whale Dreaming and trapping the fish with the changing tides. We still have our traditional ways of thanking and honouring the fish and sea for the catch.

Kaldyera, is one of the places that Jeedara left a deposit of flint and also a huge whale in the landscape. The flint was shaped into spearheads and cutting tools. It was attached to long barbed sticks that we call ngaldygargi and other tools were shaped into knives. Kaldyera is the place of shaping and making tools of flint and comes from the name karrongoo, meaning flint mine and yera, meaning our dwelling place.

This is a resting place of walda mininya, the great white bellied sea eagle, who warned our ancestors of an incoming tidal wave.