Yinyila – Eucla

Yinyila is the centre of our Yinyila ‘nation’ or collaboration of Mirning clans. One of the main clans in the area being the Yerkala, Venus clan and this name was taken and translated into Eucla. Yerkala means place of light and fire; yer being the place of the bright shimmering light and kala being fire and warmth. Venus is where we believe our people travel and return to and the planet is for us yumerie, family, who is also our guardian and watches over us when we travel, particularly at night and long distances.

Yinyila means sand dunes, not just the coastal youlbari, sandhills or barnacles of the whale, these are the sand dunes that continue inland, covering the Nullarbor. While there were over 30 clans, many have passed on since colonisation. We are very fortunate among the Yerkala clan to continue our traditional ways and following our Goonminyerra, friendly laws and customs that have been passed down from Jeedara and Yargaryilya, the Seven Sisters. We continue to respect our ancestors and Elders and to protect our Star, Sea and Land Country.

Yerkala Mirning people, our Country of stars, sea and land and the whales are ngalyi goomera, we are one.