Yirrerie – The Milky Way

The Yirrerie, Milky Way is known to us Mirning Elders and was also known to our Ancestors, who we learned from. The stories were passed down from them; from generation to generation, through thousands of generations. They told of the Koorawarrie, the dance of Creation and life in what us Mirning know as Dhoogoorna, Creation times.

In Creation times, beings and Dreamtime travellers came to our Yoola, Earth to give life. They came to give to those living now and our totems. They came to care and protect our place here on Yoola, Mother Earth and Billia, Father Sea. This was all created and shaped in form by the great white whale, Jeedara, with all his companions.

As our story goes and our history, our Dreamtime characters held our law against the ones who have broken it and those who disobeyed were cast back into the Milky Way. The Creation beings who came, created and have also left their mark on Yoola, Earth and are now all great stars today, which we have knowledge of.

The story of Jeedara and the Creation of Mirning Country told by Marbanu Bunna Lawrie

The vast open skies of the Nullarbor and Great Australian Bight are our “Gateway to the Galaxy” and are full of our ancestral stories. This is our Sky Country from where our Creation characters came and still have their galaga womwoum, star homes in the different constellations of our Mirning Astronomy.