Marnarn – Twin Rocks

Manarn is now called Twin Rocks; the two rocks that are father and son. Manarn was a great hero of our lore and keeper of our Mirning law, which was given by Jeedara, the Creation whale, when he created our Country. Manarn had two sons who he taught how to hunt and fish. One day, the father made the fire and sent the boys fishing and together they cooked the fish. The father went to gather more wood. When he came back, he saw the boys had got greedy, eaten all the fish and gone fishing again, leaving the fire. The old man was angry, so he put the fire out and went away with one fire stick, as he decided not to give them any gamban, warmth from the fire. The name Yilgamba comes from a warm place to camp.

When the boys returned, there was no fire. They did not know how to light a fire, they could not cook the fish and were so cold. One of the brothers was always a better hunter and at spearing fish and the other brother was always jealous and envied him. So the jealous one became angry and turned on his better brother in hate and envy, hitting him on the head until he died. The bother who died is still there today in an area of Yilgamba, which became a place where people could not go.

The jealous brother gathered up the catch and took it to his father, following the smoke from the fire stick, though he was always too far away. When he looked again, he saw his father in the sea fishing. By the time he swam out and reached Manarn, they were both struggling in rough waters and both drowned. Today they are still there, off the coast from Yilgamba, standing as the Twin Rocks.

Manarn was a mining, a Mirning man and also a being who transformed into an owl, who we call Bingaru. He was a keeper of Mirning law and tradition and there are many tales of his life. One story is of all the cheeky, disobedient and arrogant young Mirning people who he gathered together and invited them to ascend a ladder into the stars, then he took the ladder away. Today those who broke the laws are still in the Yirrerie, Milk Way; forever punished and banished as mulla munning, little clusters of stars.